City of Kinmundy

Welcomes You!

 Meetings are held at City Hall on the Second Thursday of each month, at 7:00 pm.

 Where Southern Hospitality is still a way of life!


Southern Hospitality is still a way of life in Kinmundy.  You'll often see people greeting each other downtown or friends having a chat on a shaded front porch.

 Early records show that settlers came to the area now known as Kinmundy around 1820. Some were interested in the excellent timber, while others cleared and cultivated the fertile prairie soil.  The completion of the Illinois Central Railroad in 1856 made it possible to market crops more easily.

 The railroad station "Kinmundy" was named for the hometown "Kinmundy" in Scotland by one of the London representatives of the Illinois Central.  Land was purchased from the railroad in 1857, and during that year the town of Kinmundy was platted.  The City was incorporated in 1867.

 The natural beauty of the surrounding countryside is sometimes taken for granted by those of us who see it every day.  However, a short drive in any direction brings travelers face to face with the loveliest of landscapes any season of the year. In spring the air is fragrant with the pink and white blossoms of redbuds, dogwood, and pear, apple, and peach orchards.  Summer with its fields green with corn and soybeans, and golden brown with ripening wheat, its jeweled collection of native songbirds, its deliciously scented clover hay (not to mention its garden fresh vegetables) is a treasure we long to hold on to.

 Yet, autumn's rainbow of native oaks, sassafras, hard maple, sycamore, and countless others, its red fox squirrels scurrying here and there burying acorns and hickory nuts, and its roadsides of purple asters, monarch butterflies, and ribbons of southbound geese overhead somehow is a welcome replacement.

 A white Christmas cannot be guaranteed, but at least one beautiful snowfall a year is looked forward to by young and old alike.  The city, state and county highway departments keep the roads open and in good condition the year around.

 The facts contained herein can only begin to tell the story of Kinmundy, its past and present. We welcome you to become a part of its future.

City of Kinmundy Officers and Council Members


Mayor, Angela Diss

City Clerk, Cindy Garrett

Treasurer, Cathy Wilkins


Council Members:

Ward 1

  • Donna Smith
  • Emily Hassebrock


 Ward 2

  • Amy Bolen
  • Corey Thompson


Ward 3

  • Curt Jones
  • Gary Cooper



Teresa Hanks, Office Manager

Jake Brimberry, Water/Sewer Department

Travis Potter, Street Department

Joe Duffy, Chief of Police

Kinmundy Public Library